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About Us

About Us

As one of the largest mining groups in Iran and the Middle East, Mines and Metals Development Investment Company (MMDIC) was established in 1996 to enhance the mining sector’s contribution in the economy as well as to develop the Iron-Ore value chain in Iran. The company has constantly been considered as one of the 5 largest investment companies in the Tehran Stock Exchange and it has directly created 16000 job opportunities throughout the country.


Ultimately, MMDIC is undoubtedly considered as the main shareholder of well-known Iranian mining and steel companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange such as Gol-Gohar Mining and Industrial Co., Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Co., Goharzamin Iron-Ore Co., Sabanour Mining and Industrial Development Co., Khorasan steel Co., Arfa Steel Co., Tajalli Mines and Metals Development Co., and Puya energy Co., 

MMDIC’s three main shareholders include Mobarakeh Steel Company, social Insurance Fund of Farmers and Villagers and Shasta group, respectively, which totally account for 71 percent of the company’s shares until February 2022. 


Vision and Goals

The vision of MMDIC is drawn based on enhancing the regional and international production and trade stance, strengthening the durable international-relative-advantages, increasing the share of the group in the mining value added and economy’s non-oil export, diversifying the source of revenues and yields and also developing the international cooperation with other mining and metal entities in the context of exploration, extraction, processing as well as mutual investment.


MMDIC’s mid-term goals are basically determined in order to expand the steel value chain, to improve the diversified-revenue veins, to increase the regional market share, and to join the global capital markets.