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Formation of the largest mineral consortium in the country

Formation of the largest mineral consortium in the country

According to the public relations of the Mines and Metals Development Investment Company, Dr. Amir Hossein Naderi, on the sidelines of the reopening ceremony of the Tajalli stock exchange market symbol, told reporters: The overall portfolio of Tajalli provided a new look at the capital market in order to equip and bring the projects to the production stage through the existing capitals in this market, and for this purpose selected projects such as Sabanour pelletizing project and Foolad-E Shargh-e Khorasan concentrate project, which mainly active in the field of processing, were selected.
The CEO of the Mines and Metals Development Investment Company, emphasizing the high return on investment and the short payback period of these projects, announced the joining of three Kurdistan Steel Companies, the Glendrood Coal Mine, and the Tajalli Saba Exploration Company to the Tajli Group and specified that studies are indicative of an increase in world prices for coal and coke, and the coal field is one of the most productive mineral sectors of the country, so that according to studies on the importance of vital and strategic elements in the world, the economic importance of coal has increased more than gold.
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While thanking the shareholders’ trust in Tajalli Company, Dr. Naderi emphasized on the support of “MMDIC” for the company’s projects and said: The projects defined in Tajalli Company are mainly in the field of pellets, iron ore, and steel processing, which are established in good positions in the country and have good returns, and the progress report of these projects will be presented to the capital market based on a quarterly interval.
In another part of his speech, the CEO of the Mines and Metals Development Investment Company, in an explanation of the exploration plans of “MMDIC”, referring to the establishment of a specialized company in the field of exploration, said: “Investment in this sector was put on the agenda.” And with the integration of specialized manpower along with up-to-date equipment in this company, we will soon publish good reports in this field.
Referring to the beginning of exploration operations in Ardabil area, he announced the possibility of identifying suitable polymetallic and iron ore reserves in this region and said: The measures taken in Sabanour have revealed that there are significant iron ore reserves in the west of the country and the region is prone to discovery of this mineral. Accordingly, and based on the initial studies, exploration operations are underway and satisfactory results have been achieved to date.
While emphasizing the suitable position of the western region of the country in terms of market access, water supply and primary minerals, Dr. Naderi described the purchase of major shares of Kurdistan Steel as an economic measure and while explaining the measures taken in this region, expressed hope to establish and operate this project in the shortest possible time.
In another part of his speech, he spoke about “MMDIC” plans for investment in Sistan and Baluchestan province and announced the formation of the largest mining consortium in the country to invest in different provinces and said: this consortium is composed of MMDIC, Golgohar, Chadormalou, Goharzamin, and Ghadir Investment Company, and is ready to invest in projects announced by the government and the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and according to the methods taken up by the project-oriented companies, the people of the region will be the shareholders and will benefit from the operation of the projects afterwards.
In the end, Dr. Naderi pointed to the purchase of management shares of Eritek Company and while emphasizing the scientific capacity and expertise of this engineering company, he reminded of its records and successful experiences in various projects such as Mobarakeh Steel, Khorasan Steel and other large mineral and steel complexes, and the company’s ability in planning for creating new plants.

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