Fri 24 Feb 2017

Start date of the company
  Mining and Metals Development Investment Company (LLP) On 24 feb1996 with an initial capital of 119,869 dollars and the number of companies and institutions, non-commercial register office in Tehran Initialize record its activities
The Goal
  The goal of the company is: the establishment, acquisition, partnerships, financing and investment in various companies, and industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture, services, and doing credit and financial activities within the country and also do consulting services regarding production investment, development and completion, planning and budgeting, financing, marketing and design management systems, corporate investment outside the country and accept his or her award on behalf of all other operations directly and indirectly to the realization of the objectives required is.
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Contact Us  
Tele: 0098-21-22043353
Fax: 0098-21-22046166
Postal Code: 19615-467
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