Mines and Metals Development Investment Company (MMDIC) was established and organized in order to achieve a larger market share at the global market via enhancing the group international products, trade and financial operations.

This is honored to serve MMDIC with my colleagues for augmenting the group international-competitive position at a merit stance. Our mission is deliberately designed to implement a sustainable export oriented growth model throughout the group subsidiary and affiliated entities. This will be definitely achieved by means of a modern and dynamic strategy backed by solid road map and good corporate governance. Accordingly, we will constantly remain commitment to fulfill the interests of our loyal clients, shareholders, and other stakeholders based on the highest ethical standards and professionalism.

We have wisely focused on exploring, extracting, processing and marketing the mineral resources and metallic products of Iran while initiating well-equipped startups to create a new set of active components, laboratorial-polymetallic formulations and products.

This is truly pleased to announce that we have been able to develop and succeed an array of new development projects throughout the affiliated and subsidiary entities with modern-competitive technology in the past few years.

My colleagues and I are definitely delighted to serve our nation through creating higher value added in the mineral value chain, expanding deserved job opportunities for youth generation and diversifying production capacities in the macroeconomy environment by relying upon all social, natural, and technological resources. In this regard, we have functionally hired and trained many young, welleducated and hardworking employees who will take this group far beyond what was originally envisioned. Again, it is my great privilege to work with faithful-respectable shareholders, wised directors, and excellent colleagues. We are going to drive our group to a deserved-competitive position at the regional and global mining and metal market.

A. Assari