Message from CEO

Message from CEO

Mines and Metals Development Investment Company (MMDIC) was established and organized in order to achieve a larger market share at the global market via enhancing the group international products, trade and financial operations.

This is honored to serve MMDIC with my colleagues for augmenting the group international-competitive position at a merit stance. Our mission is deliberately designed to implement a sustainable export oriented growth model throughout the group subsidiary and affiliated entities. This will be definitely achieved by means of a modern and dynamic strategy backed by solid road map and good corporate governance. Accordingly, we will constantly remain commitment to fulfill the interests of our loyal clients, shareholders, and other stakeholders based on the highest ethical standards and professionalism.....


The vision of Mines and metals development investment company (MMDIC) is introduced as follows:

  • Enhancing the regional and international financial position by relying on dynamic-competitive technology development.
  • Improving the effective role in the non-oil export progress and sustainable GDP growth.
  • Augmenting the pioneer position at the stock market.
  • Surging the stakeholders' loyalty through expanding value added chain and return veins.
  • Diversifying the source of revenues and yields along with higher productivity and capital gain.
  • Conducting the maximum level of corporate governance through streamlining risk management, strengthening internal supervision and auditing, as well as fostering transparency.
  • Developing international cooperation with other mining and metal entities on exploration, extraction, processing, and trade all over the world.


About us

Mines and metals development investment company (MMDIC) is a leading regional mining and metals group that focuses on exploring, mining, processing and marketing the mineral resources and metallic products in Iran. The group was established in 1997. The group which has comprehensively run several metallurgical entities and sites across Iran has been considerably developed through investment on the new mineral fields and metals processing industries over the past twenty years. The company consolidated net asset value is driven by different mining commodities and financial intermediaries including iron ore, pellet, copper, steel, coke, electricity as well as bank, and start up with market capitalization and net asset value at about 1.2 and 2.0 bn US dollars in March 2017. The company as mineral investment group has been listed on the stock exchange of Tehran as public joint stock company in 1998 and it has been recently rated as 27th largest company at the TSE in the first quarter of 2017. The MMDIC's main affiliations is respectively comprised of Golgohar Mining and Industrial Corp,.....

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance was deliberately adopted by Mines and Metals Development Investment Company (MMDIC) and its affiliated and subsidiary entities via introducing rules, instructions, and code of conducts as well as strategies to enhance transparency, responsibility, and accountability of the group for all stakeholders. In this regard, board of directors is functionally considered responsible for introducing, monitoring and overseeing the administrative rules and procedures, as well as mission achievement. Therefore, different committees are being gradually founded in the group including internal surveillance and audit committee, risk management committee, as well as compensation committee to support board of directors for monitoring and improving productivity and financial achievement, resolving conflicts of interest, and enhancing information transparency.....


Financial Summary

(Mil.Rls/a) Mines and metals development investment company financial key indicators
2017 2016 2015  
Budget Budget Actual  
4465675 4272520 3411952 Income
4377445 4202385 3355213 Operational profit
4380578 4203321 3583187 Net Profit
  35231349 35305114 Total assets
31000000 27944770 21920000 Capital
(Mil. US $/a) Mines and metals development investment company financial key indicators
2017 2016 2015  
Budget Budget Actual  
135.32 129.47 103.39 Income
132.65 127.35 101.67 Operational profit
132.74 127.37 108.58 Net Profit
  1067.62 1069.85 Total assets
939.39 846.81 664.24 Capital

Investment Portfolio (industries) million dollar


  • Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co.
  • Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co.
  • Sabanour Mining & Industrial Development Co.
  • Gohar Zamin Iron Ore Co.
  • Arfa Iron & Steel Co.
  • International Metal Production & Development Co.
  • Parsland Mines & Industrial Development Co.
  • Iranian Catalist Development Co.
  • T.C. Co.
  • Sadid Mahan Steel Co.
  • Shahid Ghandi Corporation Complex
  • Sarmad Iron & Steel Co.